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You Deserve More Than Just A Good CPA.

You’ve dedicated your life to your business, and we believe you deserve a partner in accounting. We exist to help you find better clarity in your numbers, your strategy, and your profitability, So you can focus on what you are truly passionate about. The outcome is better business, and a  better life as a small business owner.

Make financial decisions with the precision of a high-level corporation. The Hub by Duckett Ladd is an outsourced suite of high-caliber services that simplify your financial tracking, goal setting, and management.

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Looking for guidance on your next step? We can help you understand how your company is performing against your industry’s standard and fine-tune your profit engine to do more with less.

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Duckett Ladd has a proven record of precision. We serve our clients with a range of auditing services including affordable housing audits, compilations, reviews, examinations and agreed upon procedures.

Auditing and Attestation Services
Affordable Housing Credit Services
“I have worked with Duckett Ladd, LLP as the Controller for two different entities in the Springfield Area and have worked with them for the past 10+ years. They are extremely professional and helpful. Whenever, I have an accounting question, they can find me the answer and are very happy to do so. They provide high quality accounting services at a reasonable price. I would recommend them for any type of accounting service needed.”
Beverly A.
“I am coming up on my 7th year working with Duckett Ladd, LLP on my tax planning. They are very knowledgeable on all areas of taxation and always willing to answer questions. Duckett Ladd,LLP makes their firm available to any tax questions I have and does a great job of brainstorming on my behalf for new tax saving strategies. They are a relationship based firm that is built upon great morals and values. I would recommend Duckett Ladd, LLP for any areas of accounting needs.”
Justin F.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Duckett Ladd, LLP both personally and professionally for the last 4+ years. In my line of work I come across several accounting questions and it is nice to know I can contact the nice staff at Duckett Ladd, LLP for answers. They always provide a high level of customer service and I would recommend Duckett Ladd, LLP for any type of accounting services.”

Justin C.
“The Duckett Ladd, LLP Team has helped our family with our personal returns for nearly 10-years! They have always been available to help us throughout the year with our tax questions and have gone above and beyond in finding us the right solution. We’ve also recently signed-up with them to assist us on a weekly basis with my wife’s business, which has been a huge help.”
Adam S.

“I look forward to the robust discussions each month as we stabilize and grow our business. Key team members!”

Klaus F.

“Love how their team is always working to help me grow!”

Melanie S.

“A totally out of the box approach to accounting service.”

Bryan P.

“This strategic planning experience was extremely refreshing and has paid major dividends in every area of our company!”

Brandon W.